Apr 8, 2010

Dun dun duuun

Our internet is finally back, yay!


Not too much has been going on, just the usual things.  I went with Jacob today on his Bible studies.  He has two really good ones going on right now.  One is a lady who's husband is a member of the church at Kisongo (they're newly married), and the other is a girl who also lives in Kisongo.  Jake's been studying with the second lady's husband as well, but unfortunately the husband wasn't able to be there today.  We weren't able to stay and study long at all today with the second lady, so we're going back tomorrow morning.  Please pray that these women and also the husband will have honest hearts, open to the gospel.  

I might take one of Dad's classes (Romans and Galatians, I think) at the school, starting next week. 


It's the rainy season, so we've been getting tons of it lately, which is really nice, because that means we have plenty of water.  We get to do laundry and everything! :)  Gray, dark, rainy days always make we want to snuggle up with a blanket and either read or take a nap.  {happy sigh}
(By the way, how do you all spell "Gray" with an "a" or an "e"?  Just curious, because how I spell it always changes.)


{What a wimpy little post! :D}


  1. Yay for your internet being up and even greater that you are having those studies! We are praying for all to have open hearts as well.
    and grey can be spelled gray also. Both are in the dictionary. Love you sweetie! Mrs. Debbie

  2. Whoa, internet! Sorry that your studies today fell through, but glad that yesterdays' went well! I alternate between gray and grey... But since grey is underlined in red, I usually change it. Grey is supposedly the British way of spelling it. :) Love you!


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