Mar 27, 2010

Take time to smell the roses

I'm certainly not a professional photographer...I've hardly ever done any at all...but sometimes I really like to fiddle  {No, not the using a bow made from horse hair kind}.  Sometimes Julia will let me use her camera and I'll go wander around outside...Taking a picture here, deleting 20 there.

(Don, isn't he cute?  Okay, well this maybe isn't his very handsomest moment! :) )




Mar 19, 2010

Ah, Friday!

Things have been going wonderfully around here!  It's so great to have Lydia with us.  It only took her three days to get over jet lag this time around.  {Oooo, aaah}  The first visit it took her a week (a week!!), the second visit was three\four days, and this time, three days.
Okay, listen to this.  Apparently...Julia and I talk to each other in our sleep.  Every visit Lydia has made over here, she hears us rationally talking to each other.  We're both completely asleep -  annnnd, we never remember anything.  *shifty eyes*  I think it's all made up.  Isn't that strange?
 Mom finished the first bridesmaid dress, and it is gorgeous.  The color and style is perfect!  The wedding is going to be beautiful.  


We're planning on going to Monduli for worship on Sunday.  We haven't been there in a while, so it'll be really nice to visit.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Mar 14, 2010

Check it out! recipe blog!  Make sure and click on the link up there  ^,  take a look, and tell me what you think!


Mar 12, 2010

That second blog design reminds me of a picture of my face on wide-angle

Yay for blog designing!

Even though I'm still trying to figure out how Gimp works and all that, it's alot of fun.  I've done four so far...just messing around with getting measurements, etc.  Let's take a look! {If you dare...mwahaha!}

 Try 1:  This took me a long time, and it's not the cutest.  I was too busy {looking back at the tutorial page a billion times to see what I should do} to worry about making it look too cute.  Maybe not toooo bad for a first try.  Except the really narrow space for your actual blog to go in.  *cough*

Try 2:  Cute basic look, but the ribbons are too stretched out looking, and {you can't see it in the picture, because it's over a white background} there's some space at the sides.  Still not quite sure what happened there.  The middle space was also still a little too narrow.
       Moving on...

Try 3:  I finally made the middle space wide enough {I think!}.  Looks pretty nice, except for the side ribbons could use some resizing to make them bigger.

Try 4:  Yay, I remembered to made the middle space wide enough again!  Maybe I'm starting to get the hang of it. :)

Lydia gets here tonight!  We'll leave for the airport after supper.  It's going to be so good having her here for a visit!  I almost feel like I should make her her own blog label.  Labels: "The List", Bible, Random, Eatables, Lydia....


Happy Friday!


Mar 11, 2010

And you thought I changed my blog design alot before! :)

Lydia gets here tomorrow ~ Oh hooray!  :)  I love company that isn't "company".  You know, the "Oh good, you're can help us make up your bed!" kind.  {Hehe!}, so maaaaybe not quite like that, but it's the general idea.  
Please pray that her travel is smooth and that she arrives safely. 

I had been trying to find a program similar to photoshop I could download for free, because my mac didn't come with anything at all besides Preview.  I could do a couple things on it, but barely anything.  Sooooo *dun dun duuun*, I downloaded Gimp! {Thanks to recommendations from Kristen Jenkins and}  It's really neat!  I'm actually able to make headers and all that for my blog, and I can even design and make entire blog backgrounds!  {*excitement*}

(Have you ever noticed that having a cute blog makes you feel like actually writing on it more often?)


Mar 7, 2010

Oh no...I have to think up a title for this...

Today we went to Merarani for worship.  We'd never been there before, and it was really nice to visit!  It was a bumpy ride, but thankfully not all that long.  Only about an hour of feeling like a rag doll in a dishwasher, hehe!  It's always nice to visit places that are out of the way.  They were renting a building to meet in...the same as alot of them around here - concrete walls with a tin roof.  It only had very few windows, and some were covered in tin.  It was really nice weather outside, but inside there was no breeze at all, and I could feel the heat from the tin roof baking my face.  All of us were squished together on a bench, and it was stifling.  I entertained the thought of what might happen if I fainted and fell off the bench, but since I've never fainted before, that wasn't very likely. {hehehe}


Wedding plans for Lee and Julia seem to be going great! Everything's going to be bee-yoo-tiful! :) {*happy sigh*}


Work on The List has been coming along just fine.  I baked some chicken yesterday, and it turned out really nicely.  It was a nice change to have it baked.  Sometime soon I want to have a ravioli making day...get a bunch of filling and dough together, and make them up and stick them in the freezer.


Mom and I have been drinking almost two liters of water a day, and doing pilates every morning.  It's been really nice!  If I'm not busy when the boys go running I'll go with them. 


 Tomorrow's Monday.  Oh, Mondays used to be my least favorite day of the week because it was the start of the school week.  We all had a favorite line from Jake that went - "You know what's good about Mondays?  *pause* Nothing!! Hahahaha!!!"  Of course that's not true, Mondays are great, but it gave us good laughs anyway!


Happy week, everyone! 


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