Mar 11, 2010

And you thought I changed my blog design alot before! :)

Lydia gets here tomorrow ~ Oh hooray!  :)  I love company that isn't "company".  You know, the "Oh good, you're can help us make up your bed!" kind.  {Hehe!}, so maaaaybe not quite like that, but it's the general idea.  
Please pray that her travel is smooth and that she arrives safely. 

I had been trying to find a program similar to photoshop I could download for free, because my mac didn't come with anything at all besides Preview.  I could do a couple things on it, but barely anything.  Sooooo *dun dun duuun*, I downloaded Gimp! {Thanks to recommendations from Kristen Jenkins and}  It's really neat!  I'm actually able to make headers and all that for my blog, and I can even design and make entire blog backgrounds!  {*excitement*}

(Have you ever noticed that having a cute blog makes you feel like actually writing on it more often?)



  1. Actually, all I've ever noticed after revamping a blog is that I've been online too long to actually write a post! Hehehe. Love you! <3

  2. I loooooove! You should check out the kits from if you haven't already! LOVE them!

    I will say that I will miss your owls... but I look forward to see what you can crank out of that bad boy GIMP. Hoot!

    And I will be keeping Lydia in my prayers! Yall have fun!

  3. Haha, Jewels! That's the case alot of times too...hmm. ;)

    Kristen, I've already got some stuff of - they have alot of cute stuff! I think I'll give the owls a while longer...but when I change it I'm definitely going to keep all my owl stuff! :)

  4. I can't wait to see the cool things you come up with! And have fun with Lydia... it's nice to have company that's more like family.


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