Mar 27, 2010

Take time to smell the roses

I'm certainly not a professional photographer...I've hardly ever done any at all...but sometimes I really like to fiddle  {No, not the using a bow made from horse hair kind}.  Sometimes Julia will let me use her camera and I'll go wander around outside...Taking a picture here, deleting 20 there.

(Don, isn't he cute?  Okay, well this maybe isn't his very handsomest moment! :) )





  1. Very nice, Linz! I especially like the depth that you captured in the picture of Luke's boots. :)

  2. Yep..there's lots of depth to those boots. :)

  3. These are very good! I like the boots too..;) No really, I appreciate your attitude of trying new things...and succeeding!

  4. I tried to smell roses once...I got a thorn in the nose. I smell daisies now. :)


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