Feb 4, 2010

"The List" - Hmm, sounds ominous!

First off, Lee and Julia made it safe and sound to Oklahoma!  Thanks for all your prayers!

So I've made a sked-jool (Yes, a schedule) for myself.  I think it'll be good to have what I need to do written down instead of getting most of them done, but having dust rabbits as my roommates.  In my last post, I said I'd tell some of the things that are on it.

These aren't in any particular order.

1)  I've gotten to be a little bit of a wimpy blimpy (Haha, not really...wimpy yes, blimpy not really.  I can't take credit for that phrase by the way...) so I do some cardio in the morning {all of two mornings in a row now! :) }, and a bit of yoga and stretching at night.  

2)  Cook a few meals a week.  (Doing the dishes is always a given, except sometimes an exception when I'm the one cooking the meal.  Dishes never make my list, hehe, you can't forget dishes!)

3) "Cleaning the house" sounds so quick, but people who actually do it know that it's not for the faint of heart!  Sweep the floors every day, dust on alternate days, pick up all the junk that you just put away...Yes, I think they have legs.  *shifty eyes*     
Fridays are also mop days - Bucket of water and a towel. 
Sweep my room, pick up clutter, dust, clean the bathroom.  Thankfully not all on the same day, but in the week.  {*cough* How long has that been there?!}
Tuesdays and Fridays are milk mornings.  I go outside, get the milk from "Mama Maziwa", strain it, pasteurize it, and put it in jars.  

4)  Bible study - The most important of all!  Very much enjoying these parts of my day!

5) Swahili - I haven't actually gotten around to doing this one yet, but I will!  It'll do me alot of good if I actually sit down and study it some more.

So there are a few samples of The List!


So this afternoon I made homemade raviolis!  I actually didn't mess them up, they were pretty good.  It took all afternoon though (literally), to make that and french bread.  It would take less time, but I had to figure out different sauce measurements and substitutes, and quadruple check myself to make sure I didn't do anything wrong!  :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Well Hello Linz,
    The raviolis were not just good, they were awesome! Maybe you can teach me sometime. :) Thanks so much for all your hard work. Love you. <3

  2. Sometimes you just have to sit down and make yourself do stuff don't you? Phew!
    We have been doing pilates at night... it's been great! :D

  3. I want your raviolis recipe!

  4. I really like doing pilates too. Peyton, I found the recipe online, but I can give you the one I used. It was a good recipe, easy to follow, and not a bunch of weird and more uncommon ingredients that some of the other recipes used. :D

  5. it sounds like a case of spring cleaning...
    ~without it being spring~
    {isn't it spring somewhere? :) }

    the girlies and i are working on getting our house whipped back into shape too.

    and i'm trying to whip myself back into shape after having to sit for a month. i'm only walking on the treadmill but hey, it's a start!

    best wishes with The List~~

  6. Dear Linz, I was a bit behind on your posts! You have become quite the blogger! I have enjoyed reading each and every one! I wish you well on your posts. I have Spring fever as well, it is right around the corner you know! At least in our neck of the woods! I have been tearing up carpet and I'm ready to paint anything not nailed down. Bwahahaha! I too would love your ravioli recipe. I love you bunches sweetheart! Thanks for sharing such wonderfully encouraging thoughts. xoxo Love, Mrs. Debbie


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