Feb 1, 2010

Well hello February! When did you get here?

Oh February, what will you bring?  
Well, in about half an hour we're going to town to do some last minute shopping for snacks, etc. before Lee and Julia leave, going to eat supper, then going to the airport.  Julia's going back with Lee this month to spend some time there and meet his family.  It's been so great having Lee here.  It's been wonderful to get to  know him, and have him be with our family.
Lee, thank you so much.  Thank you for being what my sister needs...thank you for making her happy.
~(And what a *cute* couple they make!)~ 

This month should be great!  Hopefully, I'm going to be able to get alot of things done.  I don't have enough time at the moment to reveeeal all my plans {insert evil chuckle}, but in my next post,  I'll fill you all in.  Oh yay!

Ok, it's off to town I go! 

Please keep Lee and Julia in your prayers as they travel!


  1. Have a very fun day....
    Wishing Lee and Julia a safe trip over.


  2. Thank you Linz, it was great to get to meet you all. Thank you for a fantastic time!

    I am soooo glad to have you all as my family! Thank you for letting me borrow Jewels for a month!


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