Sep 22, 2010

Here we are, back in Knoxville; right now we're staying with the Apples.  They're so kind and generous to us!

Pretty much at this point, we're just waiting until Roundhouse is over, then we'll head back home.  Last week we got in things like dentist appointments.  It turns out that we even have great hygiene.  *ding!*  Mr. Dentist, yes, I have been flossing...I don't want to have my teeth rotted out by the time I'm 45.  

Before I close out this little blurb, I just want to say one word: Vanilla Cupcake.

 Yes, please!

These are $4 at Walmart and smell really good.  I mean reeaally good!

These are exactly what I smell like after I use the lotion or body spray.
I love smelly-good things!


1 comment:

  1. You're just so cute! Yay for flossing, yay for new sweet smelly stuff and huzzah for seeing you at Round House in two (wink) days!! :D


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