Mar 21, 2011

Love never ends

Right now I'd like to ask prayers on behalf of the Morton and Heck families as they go through the rough time of losing dear Shauna.

Shauna battled hard with cancer for two long years, and her struggle is now over.  

Aunt Shauna - right, with sister Chasity, left
 A wonderful example to all, she was truly one of the best examples I've ever had.

She was constantly in pain

She was bright


full of smiles and laughter

never complaining

always unselfish

always trusting in God




While she may not be with us anymore here on earth, she is now well and whole, being comforted by the mighty hand of God.

We have the comfort of knowing that someday, we will be reunited in The Place where there will never be suffering, pain, or tears.  

But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope.
~I Thessalonians 4:13~


  1. Thank you, sweet girl for writing from the abundance of your heart about our Shauna. It brings us comfort to keep seeing her sunshiny smile and twinkling eyes, and hear of others that loved her like we loved her. Like we will all always, always love her.

  2. So sorry to hear of the loss. You are in my thoughts today.

  3. thank you this lindsey.
    it is so beautiful and so true.

    i think if i had to pick one word for shauna...
    {which is very hard to do}
    it would be giving.

    she is so good.

    love you sweet friend.

    thank you for your prayers and for requesting prayers for us.

    we need them so much right now.


  4. it should say
    thank you for this....

    it's very hard to see right now.
    my eyes just ache.


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