Mar 23, 2012

It's true

I think it's time for a liittle update on what's been happening around here! :) I still plan on doing a post on showing you the blog designs I've been working on, even though that's old news by now.

Let's see....

We had these guys here for two weeks. They helped teach classes, we passed out fliers, talked, laughed, ate, played football, and just had a great ol time! Yay for new friends!


We also...............booked our tickets.Yes, to move back to the States. 
We leave on April 25th. Four weeks, 5 days.
I thought I was so ready for this, and I am...but it's much more bittersweet than I even thought it would be.

I'm so excited to get out and be "back"...around people and being able to do things. At the same time, I'm a bit nervous. We've been here for so long, we each have out little comfort zone, and the thought of starting completely over somewhere is a little intimidating, I have to admit. 
I'm so excited to see what God has planned for us. There are good things in our future, I'm sure.  Please keep us in your prayers as we move!


  1. Wow, I can understand why you might be feeling a little bittersweet about moving back to the States - especially the starting fresh part - definitely a bit scary, but exciting, too! Enjoy your last few weeks in Africa! x

  2. So glad to see your post! And a future welcome home!

  3. I assumed big things were going on as you haven't been posting. I will keep you in my prayers. Another new adventure shortly awaits you, I have no doubt you will do wonderfully.

  4. Can't wait to see the blog designs (because I'm lovin' mine ;), and I can't wait to see yoouuuuuuuu!!!!!!! :D



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