May 14, 2013


So many blessings in this life. So, so many.  

Sure, life isn't just a walk in the park without trials. There's hard, hard, hard stuff. You might think something's unfair. There's hard stuff, man! Sad stuff, gross stuff, frustrating, tiring stuff, I-don't-know-how-I'll-make-it-through stuff.  All of us have some of these things. I just might not know what you're going through, and you might not know what I'm going through.
All of us have our battles to fight. 


Why focus on those? We deal with them on a daily basis, but they don't have to (and shouldn't) consume us. Fight your battles, but leave them on the battlefield, so to speak. 

Everyday do your best to walk away from pity-poor-me, sadness, anger...whatever you're dealing with. Our problems don't disappear, but to a great degree we can choose our outlook. So come with me - today I'm going to choose a bright one!


it's a blessing to make breakfast in the morning for my Ox, and kiss him goodbye. 

it's a blessing to sing and do the laundry

it's a blessing to look at the pretty flower in a vase on the kitchen table

it's a blessing to plan out weekly menus so we can have nourishing food 

it's a blessing to have my hands in warm, soapy water washing the breakfast dishes and saying prayers of thanks

it's a blessing to teach Bible class, and after giving hugs and kisses have a cutie say, "I need them again!"

it's a blessing to run around the house with the husband, just being crazy

it's a blessing to sweat and feel those muscles burn

it's a blessing to sit and study the Bible together at night with my best friend

it's a blessing just to talk. It's funny how conversations become so different...what do we want to accomplish? How can we better ourselves? What kind of parents do we want to be? What are our goals? When should we have babies? How many babies should we have? How much do we have in our budget?...

So many blessings. Those are just a few of mine. 
What are some of yours?

Life is a treasure. 


  1. Thank you for your thoughts! It is so nice to count your blessings and see joy in the simple gifts of this life! Keep counting and looking forward to all that our Father has to give! <3

  2. seeing this post was a blessing to me, linz. thank you so much. :) and, oh my goodness!!! i am LOVING YOUR HAIR!!!! <3

    i hope you're having a lovely day full of more of His amazing blessings.



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