Jan 21, 2010

Blog attack, run for your life!

What, a post two days in a row?  What could it mean?  It means that I'm having a blog attack. {Blog attack = having an incredibly strong urge to make a post even though you have nothing to talk about}

Hold onto your hat...

Julia and I watched part of Emma yesterday.  {I won't mention the fact that just a few days ago I watched it, then watched it again the day after.  I hadn't watched it in a really long time...}  What a great movie!  And to believe that I didn't like it the first time I watched it.  {I think it was because we watched it a couple Christmases ago and the power was out, so we were running our generator and couldn't hear what was going on.  Not good for a movie that depends on you actually hearing what the actors are saying to understand it.}  You have to look past Emma's hair though...most of the time it's pulled so tight you can hardly tell where her forehead ends and her hair begins.  Hideous hairstyle aside, I love that movie.  One of my favorite quotes from it is, "Is it possible that he met her while doing charitable work in a mental infirmary?" So great!

While I'm on the subject...
{Disclaimer: These movies are definitely girl only movies.  Their wardrobe leaves much to be desired.}

I love Sense and Sensibility.  
-Elinor reminds me so much of Julia.  And the Colonel is so endearing that you can kind of forget how old he is and actually be happy that he marries Marianne.  There's a quote I love in this movie, but I can't think of it right at the moment.

Pride and Prejudice.  
-Once again, Jane reminds me so much of Jewels.  We have fun laughing at how gross Mr. Collins is every time we watch it.  The mother and two youngest girls are...very annoying.  Oh well.  Favorite quote from this movie? "Do these compliments arise from the impulse of the moment, or are they result of previous study?"  Haha!

On to other things...

For some reason, for the past week, I've been extremely clumsy.  {Don't laugh}  I have no idea why I've been hit with it so hard.  Nerves?  Probably.  Stress?  Probably that too.  Who knows.  But I have.  Normally, I'm not a clumsy person {really!}, but in the space of one day I dropped serving spoons, the dishtowel, and practically threw the toothbrush across the room while I was brushing my teeth, and worst of all, while I was "complaining" to Jewels about how clumsy I've been {while taking a clip out of my hair to get ready to brush it}, I dropped my clip.  To top it all off I dropped the brush while I was brushing my hair.  The next day - ok, it's a new day...it'll be great!  Yes, well.  Making macaroni and cheese...I know how to cook noodles, I 've done it a million times.  But suffering temporary insanity, I put the water, oil, salt and noodles in all at the same time and start to cook them.  Arg!  I can't believe I put the noodles in before the water was boiling.  {Thankfully, they weren't a huge gloopy mess - they turned out good}  Theeeeeen, I'm trying to light the stove, so I get a matchbox, open it upside down, and proceed to have matched dumped all over the floor.  Nice.  Why?!  This reign of clumsiness must end!!!!!    *determination*

We got a christmas package from our Nanna today!  We don't know what's in it because Dad hasn't brought it home yet, but weee'll seee!  

Tomorrow we're going to the snake park with Lee.  See all the poisonous snakes, etc., hold a cute garden snake, maybe ride the camels.  :)

{This post is longer than I anticipated}

~The end :)


  1. I love Pride and Prejudice! Such a great movie!!! And book actually.

  2. I really like all three of those movies...:)And I really love reading your blog attack posts! *hug* I love you!

  3. Linz! You should have blog attacks more often... this post was not boring at all (like you said it was)! In fact, I really liked it! We still need to finish Emma, by the way. Love you! :)

  4. i've never seen any of those movies....or read the books.

    i'm so behind.

    hope that you get rid of your butterfingers today....
    {not the candy bar~ but that does sound yummy}




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