Jun 22, 2010

Happy fake birthday!

Happy fake birthday, Mom! 
Friday is Mom's (or as she's commonly called by me, "Mum") birthday, but Dad will be gone to Karatu speaking at their preaching meeting, so we're celebrating today!

Since there isn't really anything to "do" for birthdays around here, mainly we fix something nicer for meals, sing happy birthday every few minutes, and have a "you don't get to work" day for the birthday person.  The Mum gets special privileges, of course, like- no doing laundry.  {What's a nice part about my birthday whenever it rolls around, you ask?  No doing dishes...for the entire day. *gasps*}  Oh, and we usually do make homemade ice cream.  {This also reminds me: Are we the only ones who sang "Happy Father's Day" to the tune of the birthday song?}

So everybody wish her a happy birthday, either today or Friday (or both)!  

Cookie Monster has finally been updated!  Go check it out for the ravioli recipe. 

And speaking of updating and blogs, you should go check out All Things ManlyIt's pretty neat, even if it's never been updated.  Yes, it is Luke's blog!  Do you think it fits?  Julia set it up for him as a joke because he's always teasing us about our blogs.  I don't know about you people, but even though I'm not a man, reading about manly things still sounds pretty interesting.  So you all should go leave him a comment telling him he should post something!  


Happy Tuesday everyone!


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  1. Happy Birthday to Joy, today and Friday!!! I love you all! so so so much! Hooray for no laundry! Love, me


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