Jul 4, 2010

About to board the big bird. {aka - about to leave for the States}

We've had a wonderful Sunday so far!  We went to Arusha for worship this morning, came back home and had a nice lunch, and have been packing away and trying to get things ready to leave tomorrow.  Tomorrow?  Is that what I said?  Sure enough!     

Hmm, it seems like Lee and Julia were just spreading the word that they were engaged, and we were saying to people "See you in 7 months!"...and now we leave tomorrow.  I'm really excited about seeing alot of people - family and close friends, but another part of me wants to stay right where I am!  I suppose that's a good thing though that I love where I am.  :)

I'm not sure if I'll have time to do a post tomorrow.  Tomorrow's the day where we change sheets, pack the last minute things {like my old toothbrush that's so frayed it looks like it's saying, "I surrender!"} into our bags, and try to get all the remnants of laundry done.  :)

So please pray that we'll have be safe while traveling, and Lord willing I'll probably see many of you soon! :D



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  2. I'm really excited about y'all's furlough! But I also understand the other side of the coin. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you travel tomorrow and Tuesday. I hope the last minute stuff, laundry and check lists go okay! Love you! See you soon!!

    (I had a type in the other! Sorry!)

  3. it was so so so wonderful spending time with you this week.
    love you much~


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