Aug 13, 2010

Day in San Francisco

Sunday before last, we went to San Francisco to visit a couple of our supporting congregations and stay with Dad's sister and her family.  Monday we went to the city and had a fun family day!

 We spent our day at Fisherman's Wharf walking around and looking in shops

 This was at lunchtime.  We watched for a little bit while this guy cooked crabs then broke them up

There were lots of places to choose from!  

We looked in the Hard Rock!  We came out pretty quickly though, because things were so expensive...but we did get our picture in front of it!

**It was a fun day**


  1. :) You always have the most fun adventures! I love the pictures! I'm glad y'all had such a fun day. Love you!

  2. so many yummies in san fran....
    did you get some good ghirardelli chocolate??


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