Aug 10, 2010

Oh the things we will do, you and I!

Time for an update!  Things have been going really well over here.  We're in California staying with Mom's parents right now, and it's been really nice to spend time with them.  The boys and I spent the night at Uncle Jared and Aunt Sandy's with Nicholas and Matthew a few nights ago, and last night I spent the night at Jason and Jill's with the girls.  It was fun!  They're all really sweet. :)

Mum's been working on her lessons for a ladies' day she's doing here Saturday, and I've been working on a little talk I'm going to give about our work and my perspective on it.  I'm really excited to hearing Mom's lesson!

The boys and I have been trying to go running every day.  I really like to run!  If I had a good place to run at home, I'd get a training schedule to build up my endurance.  It's amazing how fatty all the foods are here - it's easy to forget!  Anyway, traveling around in the car, and sitting most of the time doesn't do too much to make you feel great.

Last week we went to San Francisco to visit a couple congregations that support us, then on Monday we walked around the city.  It was really nice to have a family day!

Next week we'll go up to Angel's Camp and spend a week or so with Dad's side of the family, so that should be fun.

I've talked to Julia a couple times, and she and Lee are doing really well.  They've been getting settled in, and she's been doing all sorts of wifey things. :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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I just thought it would be really cool to mention that I've been getting hits from Brazil, and today from France! {I really want to visit France one day...}
Merci bien!

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  1. I'm glad things are going well! I love how you always make the most of your time. :) I love you! :)


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