Oct 27, 2010

Don't look at me like that!

Look at that face!  {And this is nothing compared to when she wrinkles her forehead and looks all worried.} I can't resist it!

Now that I have that off my chest...

Dad and Jacob left for Nairobi at about 3am this morning,  so Jake can get some dental work done.  Hopefully they'll be back either tonight or tomorrow morning.

I'd like to thank Mum for sharing the link for my last post on facebook!  Since you all enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd give you a couple more quotes from when we did pilates next.
TV: "Make sure you engage your abdominals for this segment..."
Us: "This sure is a good neck exercise!"
TV: "...Now, rest with your head face-down on the mat..."
Me: "*bonk* I can't - that squishes my nose!"

I feel like I should inform you that we do spend some time working out when we work out.  

I need to come up with a halloween costume.  We're having the Gees over for a party, and everyone has to dress up!  Bwahaha, we'll see what everyone comes up with. 

Don't forget to go check out Cookie Monster for some new recipes!


  1. That is SUCH a cute picture of Panya! Good job there, Linz! And as a side note, I see that you still have your suitcase out. ;) Haha... good ol' neck exercises! <3 you!

  2. Panya is adorable!! I remember those neck exercises! ;) Hehe...I miss you!

  3. Yep, you should see my neck muscles! They are something else. ;)

  4. Hey Linz!This is Ashley, over at mom's. Love Panya! She's adorable. And man, do I hear you about the exercises. When I lived at home and mom and I did them together, we usually were laughing too hard at each other to qualify for much in the way of true abdominal exercise. :)
    I wrote you a letter....but am out of stamps. I'll get it mailed soon though! Love to all-Ashley
    PS....and I really like your perm!

  5. She is soooo cute! And I am going to have to try your meat loaf recipe. And the popcorn balls look yummy! I love you sweetie.
    Love, your missouri momma


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