Nov 2, 2010


Ok, ok, so I realize that I sound like a new grandma asking everyone if they want to see the newest grandbaby pictures, but I thought I'd just do a post completely dedicated to Panya pictures and be done with it!  (She's just so cute)

 I'm a sucker for whiskers and doggie mustaches. 

This picture makes me want to swoop down and take her in my arms!  Wait, every picture makes me want to do that...


This is quite possibly my favorite.  Hi little girl!

Thanks for bearing with me while I ooh and ahh over my little, and thanks to Dad for taking these pictures!


  1. What a sweet little puppy! You should come be so we can meet her! Wink, wink!
    Love you!
    Mrs. Debbie

  2. Ok, first... *mooshie mooshie moooshie*!!! Aren't you just the sweetest little flea-hotel in the wooo-ooorld!!!
    Second, great photography! She's very photogenic, too. Hehehe...
    "And thirdly, which perhaps I should have mentioned first" ... I LOVE YOU! =D


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