Nov 13, 2010

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Luke!

 Yes, today is Luke's birthday!  We kicked off the festivities with singing happy birthday.  Then we proceeded to sing happy birthday... Followed, of course, by singing happy birthday.  We're going to make some homemade coconut-pineapple ice cream to go with brownies!

Panya is learning really fast to obey her commands.  She already knows: Sit, stay, lay, up (on her hind legs), give (release an object she has in her mouth), and how to play fetch.  :)  What a good doggie!

Yesterday I actually did almost everything that was on my to do list!  I usually don't end up getting everything I write down done.  I was actually going to do a longer post (complete with pictures) yesterday, but got too busy.  My daily list usually looks something like this:

| Bible study
| Clean the house         
| Straighten room
| Make supper
| Laundry
| Exercise

It's usually longer than that, but these are the ones that are pretty much always on there.  Speaking of which...I better go and get some more stuff done! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!  


  1. That ees a muy good leest! I love you sweetie! So glad you had such a great birthday day with Luke.

    Love, Your Missouri Mama

  2. good for you...
    i need to get some lists done too!

    your pup is darling!



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