Nov 8, 2010

Game night

When we were little, we had a tradition at our house of Friday nights being a game night.  We'd make popcorn or some such, and play a board\card game together.  Over the years, this tradition has fell by the wayside somewhat.   

We're bringin' it back

Game night before last we decided to play dominoes (and why no, I didn't just type in "dominose" at first!).  I don't think us kids have ever played dominoes in our lives.  In fact, I don't think the domino box has even been touched since it fell off the shelf and onto Julia's head when she was a small child {it really happened}.  But we played it!  Mainly by us kids sticking random tiles onto the end of the train until we figured out that it was supposed to match the tile it was connecting to.  What?  The rules weren't explained beforehand!

Some members of the family think of game night as a fun way to bond while playing a game that you don't know the rules to and having to consult the instructions paper every two minutes, others think of it as a great excuse to spend the whole evening snacking, and some look at it as a combination of the two.  

The boys: "Hey Linz, are you going to make hot chocolate?"
Me: *Noncommittal grunt*
Boys: "What's the use of playing a game if we don't get some hot chocolate out of it? *snick snick snick*"
Me: "Okay!! I'll make some!"
Mom: "Wee'rrree staaaartiiing!"

We settle down around the table with our hot chocolate mugs and try to figure out how in the world you play this game.

Dad: "I know how to play this, we used to play this at Grandma Langston's all the time"
Me: "I don't know...isn't that sort of a big pile of dominoes....?"
Mom: "They have to all be used up by the end of the game!"
Me: *Falls onto the floor*
Boys: *slurp slurp*
Luke: "Whew! That hot chocolate sure makes you warm.  I just got a hot-chocolate flash."
Me&Mom: *laughs until our sides ache*..."Hot-chocolate flash!...Ow, oh, my stomach!"

{Please note that these are actual events and quotes. Thank you}

Jake: *wearing the domino box on his head like a hat* "Do you think wearing this box on my head shows a lack of maturity on my part?"
Dad: "AAHAHAhaha, I don't think so!!!"  

What kills me is how funny the boys are.  Have you ever laughed so long that you're truly concerned that you might die from a lack of oxygen?  I have.  It wasn't pleasant.  The worst thing was that I couldn't even talk to tell someone to help me, or call an ambulance.  Mom and I often just sit back and laugh at the banter that goes on between them.  What can ya do?

Hooray for game night!


  1. Linz, i love your blog. I love how sunshiny you are and i always get a good laugh from your stories!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA... Oh wow. I could see and hear all that in my head so clearly! Great story-telling, Linz! Hot chocolate flash! Hahaha... I love you all!

  3. I love dominoes! Andrew taught me how to play after we got married. Did y'all ever figure it out?

    I know there is never a dull moment in your home. Thanks for sharing a little glimpse! :) Love you!

  4. Hooray for game night! I love playing games. Maybe next Friday we could come over and play with you! :)
    Love you sweetie!
    Missouri Mama

  5. I wanna come for game night. :]


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