Dec 17, 2010

An update...and the Christmas spirit

It's been quite a while since I posted last, but I was waiting until I had some more news to share before I actually did one. 

Most of you already know that our family will be moving to southern Tanzania to finish out our five year commitment.  There's been a lot of work done up here in the North, but there's been hardly any done down South.  We're really hoping to be able to encourage and share the Gospel with the people in Iringa.

Dad, Mom, Mr. Carey, and Mwakalonge (a graduate from the school who will be working with us) got back this morning after being in Iringa for nine days.  It took longer than initially thought, but they were able to find a house for us!  The houses are simple, but nice, and perfectly suitable for what we need.  We're hoping to go down on January 3rd.  Hopefully, some pictures will come soon! :)

I can't believe that it's almost Christmas!  I need to get back to playing Christmas helps me get in the Christmas spirit.  And I need to get back to making Christmasy foods (without charring the end of my finger like I did when I made almond roca...).  It helps the Christmas spirit.  Unfortunately, Christmasy foods also helps you get the Christmas waistline.  Just joking, I don't really gain weight during the holidays.  I just wanted to say "Chrismas" a few more times.

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?


  1. Your life in Africa sounds so amazing. Hope the move and everything works out wonderfully for y'all! What kind of Christmas music do you like to listen to? (in other words, what artists do you like ;) Love like Christ

  2. We will definitely keep your family in our prayers as you make this transition! I am about to make some graham cracker cookies. Yummy! We have been cooking for the past few days...definitely helps me get into the Christmas spirit. =)

  3. Love you Linz and praying for you all in your time of transition. get in the Christmas mood...hmmm....Listen to Christmas music while painting, or hanging sheetrock. :) Alas, not a lot of Christmas spirit this year. But tomorrow I think we may be able to FINALLY get the tree up. Woohoo!


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