Nov 6, 2011

The Power of a Positive Wife: Chapter 3

This poor blog has been neglected for a bit, but I'm going to try and do better about posting on here. :)

I was doing a series on the book The Power of a Positive Wife.  I said... 
"When we were staying with my grandparents on furlough, I happened to see a book on Nanna's shelf that was entitled, "The Power of a Positive Wife".  I thought it looked interesting, so I picked it up and started to thumb through it.  Before I knew it, I had my notebook and pen out, furiously taking notes.  My sweet and generous Nanna saw me, laughed a little, and gave me another copy she happened to have tucked away!
I thought I would take one blog post at at time, and share some good parts from each chapter!
Now, I'm obviously not a wife, but I really love this book; it has so many good points.  Even though it's about how wives should relate to their husbands (which is very helpful to read, even though I'm not married yet), it has so many things I can apply to everyday life with my family".

...I got a little sidetracked, but I wanted to pick up where I left off and finish the series.

Chapter 3: The Truth about true Love

This chapter deals with some myths that many have about love, and how they affect our views of marriage and commitment.  We'll take a sampling of just a few.

Myth #1: There's one "true love" for me. Once I find him, we'll get married and live happily ever after.

Let me first say that I completely believe that God can providentially work to bring two certain people together.  My sister and her husband, for example - I believe that there was providential working involved.  Even though they were oceans apart, things worked out so they could begin talking, and eventually meet, and later get married.  That being said, let's see what the author says about this first myth.

"...Movies, love songs and novels have created a surreal picture of the perfect romance...If you hold to the mind-set that each of us has one perfect, true love out there, what do you do when you realize that your spouse is not so lovable at times?...Certainly, we should look for a spouse who exhibits the character qualities and Christian values that we know we want in a lifelong partner. But when we find that seemingly perfect guy, we must accept the fact that love will still be work...True love doesn't mean having a relationship of ease; it means making the continual choice to love and forgive".

This is so true.  Even with siblings, it takes work to love.  It takes work to speak kindly when you're angry.  Many times it might be easier to stay upset, but it takes work to forgive and forget.  Love is a decision.  It takes nurturing, like a tender plant that must be watered and cared for every day.  If the plant is not watered, it will shrivel and die.  

Myth #3: I can fall out of love with my spouse.

This one is all too common! How many people have you heard say, "We were in love when we first got married, but since then we've just fallen out of love".  That could more accurately be translated as "I'm not willing to work at loving him\her anymore".  Like what was said in myth #1, true love is a decision, and not something we fall in or out of.  Sure, it's probably easier to love during the honeymoon than when you're sleep deprived and tired of seeing dirty socks on the floor and dishes in the sink, but we can still choose to love when it's difficult. "True love loves past the weaknesses and builds on the strengths".


Principles from this chapter: Love is not simply discovered; it is created, and it takes work...and marital love is a commitment encompassing affection, friendship, pleasure, and selfless love. 


Hope you all are having a wonderful Lord's Day!


  1. I'm glad you're starting back up with this, Linz. Thanks for sharing those great thoughts! I love you. :)

  2. what great thoughts, lindsey. thank you for sharing this! :) can't wait to hear the rest....

  3. oh yeah, i LOVE your new blog look. too cute!

  4. Linsey, Beautifully written. You are already so wise, even though you are such a young ladyl! Keep up the great work.

  5. Lidsey, thank you so much for sharing such TRUE, wonderful and uplifting words. I give glory to our Dear Father, and your wonderful mother and father for training you up in His word to give such glory to Him so young. These words are words I need to hear and keep in my heart always. I love you sweet girl. Please give your momma a big hug from me and thank her for me, for 1) encouraging me by training you and 2) doing such a good job of it!


  6. i LOVE, love, love your new blog look lindsey! and thank you SO much for following my blog... it means so much.


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