Jan 3, 2012

The best eggnog recipe

Happy New Year to y'all! Before I do my official New Year's post, I wanted to share this recipe with you...but first, I have this comic that shows you how I feel about eggnog...


For the past couple of years, I've been looking for a perfect eggnog recipe, because I love it, and anything that helps it seem more holiday-y around here is always welcome!  Last year there was the nog that was more like Egg Drop Soup than anything else.  But this year I found the one.

A word of caution: this recipe doesn't have you cook the eggs (= raw eggs), but I like to live on the edge so I just went with it. 

Separate the egg whites and yolks into two separate bowls. Use the bigger bowl for the whites, and beat them until fluffy.

Once the egg whites are fluffly beat in 1\2 cup of sugar

In the separate bowl, beat yolks until creamy then add another 1\2 cup sugar

Fold the yolks into the egg whites, stirring gently. Or if the raw eggs on their own wasn't wild enough for you, you can stir it roughly. Either way.

Stir in the milk...



...and spices.

Pour into a bowl or pitcher, and chill.
Oh yeah.

6 fresh eggs

1 cup granulated sugar - divided use

2 cups heavy cream

2 cups milk

1 TB vanilla extract

1\2 -1 tsp ground cinnamon

1\2 -1 tsp ground cloves

1 tsp ground nutmeg

dash salt

Start with these measurements of the spices, but you can play around with them to get the exact taste you want.  I ended up adding a few dashes of each one more than it called for, because I like to taste all the different spices in my eggnog.  Don't forget to add the bit of salt! If it's still too sweet for your liking, add just a bit more of the salt to offset the sweetness.


  1. and i am officially saddened that i didn't have one drop of eggnog this year. but that comic makes it all better (:

    look at this new blog look. so cute <3

    thanks for your comment, lindsey! we really had a great time together at disney (: i hope you've been or that you get a chance to go someday!

  2. uuummmmm, so this. looks. amazing. i'm not really a fan of eggnog, but this looks really good!

    love the new bloggy look too, lindsey. too cute! i hope you and the fam had an amazing new year! ;)


  3. Ahh! This looks so good...we didn't make any this year...I'm gonna have to try this one soon! :) Oh, nice jar... ;)
    Happy New Year dear! Love you! xoxo

  4. hey girl! i tagged you over on my blog in a fun thingy. :) i hope you are having a great week! :)


  5. ooo so yum. my grandma made this famous chocolate pie that has raw eggs in it. it's beyond delish and totally a fam favorite.

    so awesome you live in africa. that is so great. i have been to china five times doing mission work there. so many adventures.


  6. OMG..I made eggnog cupcakes at Christmas that were too yummy! They gobbled them up! Thanks for stopping by.I am a new follower too! Can't wait to follow along! Big Hugs!


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