Jan 19, 2012

Crochet projects and your input

When I was about 10 and Mom and I were in a craft store, I was staring at all the colorful yarn lining the wall, and then and there I knew I must crochet. I got a hook and some yarn and a crochet book and happily left the store, most likely imagining all the cool and professional stuff I would make. :)  Weell, even following along with the book, all I learned was the single crochet. In a square.  I couldn't make out what in the world stuff like "sc1R, YO2, hdc in BLO, ch2, dc in FLO" meant.  But that didn't stop me from making all sorts of terrifying pot holders.  Only a grandma would lovingly gush over a horrible mess of yarn that looked more like an outline of the United States than a square, and tuck it near the stove for the next time she needed to grab a hot pan.  Eventually I saw just how awful my projects were and turned to other hobbies.

Mom and I were in the States a couple of months ago, and I was visiting with my friend Lur who is a crochet genius.  I watched her crochet for a while, and tried to remember just what was so hard about crocheting. So...yes. I got a hook and some yarn at a craft store, only this time I *scuffs foot* wasn't exactly the most optimistic about how my projects might turn out.  Thankfully, I saw that now I could follow a pattern and learn new stitches just fine!  My projects still might look like a 10 year old did them, but I'm loving it all the same!  Here are just a few stuff I've done lately:

A doggie\monster hat

Simple beanie with scalloped edges

I love hats! This is my favorite because it's a beret, and it's mesh, so it's not bulky.

Queen Ann's Lace scarf

:') A lil hippo.  I may or may not talk to it...

Whenever I'm able to get supplies easily I want to learn to knit as well, along with getting good enough at crochet to hopefully sell some stuff here and there.


I wanted to check in with y'all and see if you have any ideas of what more I should do with this lil ol' blog!  Is there anything you want to know about? Should I do vlogs more often? What should they be about?

Also, I want to do a giveaway, but since I don't have anything to actually give away at the present, what do y'all think about a blog design giveaway? I am by no means a pro, or even super good at it, but I love making headers, and makin' stuff look pretty!  It could be your choice of whether you'd like just a header, or a redo of your whole blog.
Tell me what y'all think!


happy weekend!


  1. (jaw drops open) you modest, girl, you! ;) you are an a-m-a-z-i-n-g crocheter!!! TOO CUTE. i wish I could just pick up a needle and do that. ;D lur gave up on me years agao...;D

    a vlog! a vlog! they are the BEST! ;) since you don't have a sissy at home anymore, I guess brothers will have to suffice. :) have an amazing day, girlie.


  2. I looOOoove that scarf. And the hippo! *dies of cute overload* And all of the hats! And you! But not in that order. ;) You're doing great with all the "crot-chet-ing"! Love you! <3

  3. Since I am so tech challenged a blog header would be a great win. That hippo is adorable.

  4. Oh my gawd that first hat is adorable and those are all the hip hop rage right now. Your so talented. I couldn't do it. I am taking sewing lessons because a button is a sad victim in my house. I try but I am not a pro. I am super creative just not with sewing so it ticks me off. That's why I decided to take the challenge. I can't wait to see your other creations.

  5. You. Are. Amazing Linz! :D I love the Beret... and the hippo... everything! :) You should definitely sell some stuff: you have a ready customer! hehe! :)

    *thinks* A blog redo?! Yes, please! That would be a really cool giveaway! :) Love you!


  6. i learned how to crochet when i was like 12, but i sucked at it. so i quit and now wouldn't have the slightest clue how to do it.

    you should do a header/button giveaway. i know a lot of blogs try to coordinate their header and button and a lot of people don't know how to make them! i've been thinking about doing the same kind of giveaway!

    good luck and keep up the good work crocheting! ha!

    mrs. dtf


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