Feb 9, 2012

AtE: Episode 2

Today we answer a couple of questions and talk about accidents

(Luke: "Linz, no! We're not doing it over because you think you looked ugly!")

Keep subject matter and questions coming!



  1. I agree that you just have to be yourself when blogging. I want my kids to get to know me through all of my posts, the real me, not me copying someone else' style.

    I am looking through blogs to get an idea of what I want for my design. Can't wait to brainstorm with you.

  2. #1. Linz, you are NOT ugly (the note under the video...)! You are beautiful inside and out. :)
    #2. Luke can smile!!! ;D
    #3. Y'all are doing a great job on your blogs because I definitely learn something new from them every post. (I mean, who ever knew about megawattipixels, or that you could make eggnog out of raw eggs?!)

    You asked for an accident story, you got it...(it's kind of an embarrasing moment too...:)
    Last week, I met with my Accounting tutor for the first time. We met him at his house which also happened to be a more....uummmmm....wealthy house(he and his wife hardly lack money.) Well, when I got up to leave, my bag (which happened to be carrying my laptop and my 2,000-page Accounting book) brushed up against a plant, carrying the plant down with it. Dirt went EVERYWHERE on the floor. :/ Of course, after saying sorry a million times and asking where the vaccuum was, he quietly said, "It's okay, I'll clean it up." I did pick the plant up and tried to stuff what I could of the dirt that had fallen out back in the pot. But, he insisted that he would get the little vac out and clean it up when I left. Sigh.... Yeah, it wasn't quite the first impression that I wanted to make. :/ Anyways, we have since emailed and texted and there are no hard feelings...thankfully, being the grandfatherly type that he is (even after the embarrising incident), he has mentioned "adopting" me as his granddaughter. :)

    I hope y'all have a great weekend!


  3. HAHA! I just now watched this... and it made my morning. I laughed out loud at the end when the alarm went off and Luke smiles and says "like a boss" and then it ends. Hahahaha. I love and miss you two soooo much! And so sorry to hear about Mr. McCoury taking a tumble! Hope you can get it fixed sometime. You Ls are great. <3

  4. Enjoyed the vlog. Luke the goatee is very cute, of course in a manly way. Lindsey, you are lovely inside and out! Where do we send questions?
    Love y'all,

  5. This is great. :) You two are so fun, I miss you!

    I had an accident about, oh, two Fridays ago. I've been getting up early, so it was dark in the room, plus I was SO not awake, and as I was getting out of my bunk bed... And I mash my foot on a little piece of glass! It was definitely a rude awakening! Then I'm trying to feel around for it, and blood is spewing everywhere...and then we go up to the Preaching School, (we are taking a few classes) and everybody is asking me why I limping...
    Me: *shamefacedly* I mash my foot on glass trying to get out of bed!
    Them: hahahahahahahahahaha!
    But anyway...It's okay nah. :) lol


  6. First off, I must say, nice Perry the Platypus shirt. I have one just like it, but with long sleeves. Secondly, Luke, may I offer my condolences on the loss of your computer. I actually did pretty much the same thing, except it was Dad's laptop, not mine. He had it sitting on the Ping-Pong table, with the cord strung across the floor, and Mom came in the basement door carrying a ton of stuff, and I jumped up to take some of it, and snagged the cord with my foot (which is only a size 12) knocking the computer screen first onto the concrete. But that was about 8 or so years ago, and Dad replaced the screen, and that computer still works. So there's an accident story, with a little empathy thrown in at the same time!!

  7. Hello.
    Long time listener, first time writer. Love your show! I have a somewhat interesting, somewhat personal question. What type of activities would Lindsey like in a guy before dating/marrying him? And, what type of activities would Luke like in a guy before he approves of Lindsey dating/marrying him?

    Have a great week!

  8. y'all are hilarious. it's time for another one! :D



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