Feb 8, 2012

Giveaway winnerz!

It's time, it's time! Time to announce the winners of the blog design giveaway. 

Thanks to all of you who entered - I wish I could give the win to all of you! 
But wait...i can. Since I had only 4 people entering my giveaway, I thought: "You know - I have plenty of time to make headers and blogs...it's not costing me any money...there's only four...they can all win!" 

So to all my blog lovelies who entered the giveaway, here's what ya do:
(send me an email at lilndzy@aol.com telling me all the things below)

1. If you want just a header or a whole redesign.
2. If you want an entire site redesign you'll have to give me your info that let's me get into your blogger dashboard.
3. Tell me what you want your site to generally look like: Color schemes, text-only header, picture header, what genre of font you want in your header (fun, or elegant) - the works!
4. If you want a picture header\anything with pictures you have to send them to me.

I'll start with the blog lovely who entered the giveaway first, and work on down!



  1. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! I was so hoping I would win and I can't believe I get your amazing talent to help me out. I will be emailing you soon. Thank you so much!!!!!!! You have made my day.

  2. yay! what a great idea, lindsey! :) we are at the freed-hardeman lectures right now, but will let you know all the info when i get back home...:) can't wait!!

    i have enjoyed being able to visit with julia a bit...she is too cute! hope you are having a great week.

  3. YEA!!!!!!!!!! Seriously just made my day too! I am so excited for this! I have been so overwhelmed trying to think of how to do a header and a button. I will look at pictures and decide what I want and be emailing you. THANK YOU!


  4. Aww! You are just plain awesome! :D I luv u! :)


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