Feb 13, 2012

A reminder

Hello Lovelies! 

Just a quick post to remind all of you that are on for a blog redesign - I need you to email me your stuff as soon as possible so I can get started! 

I can be working on them simultaneously, so don't worry about what number you are on the list, just send me your wish list. 

To refresh your memory on what I need, look here:  


happy monday!


  1. Aw! This is so sweet that you're making everyone who entered the giveaway a new blog design. You wouldn't believe how stoked Marli is about hers! :D


  2. the seester is right!...im totally pumped! ;) im trying to brainstorm and get some pictures put together...i think i about decided to give you a theme and let you run with it. ;D hopefully, will let you know something soon. thanks lindsey!


  3. You should have another giveaway! And I'll be the only entry! Lol. I can't wait to see their blogs when you finish them!

  4. I was just about to type up my whole list when I saw your contact button at the top. Makes more sense to go there huh? so excited!!!!!


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