Feb 2, 2012

Dear Experts: Episode 1

We were going to get this up on Wednesday, but were having technical difficulties. 
Hold onto your hat, because we get to hear Luke from All Things Manly in this video!

Keep sending us your questions and topic ideas!


  1. Love the vlog! I'm impressed that you have the guts to do it! For some reason doing a volg seems way scarier to me than just doing normal writing. So kudos!


  2. Haha! This made me totally happy! :) Google, huh? Maybe I should try that sometime....:)

    Yeah, a shower might be a good thing, Luke. And Lindsey, if your not sure, you could always get that cell phone you wanted....:D

    Hmmmm, another question?.....what is your favorite thing about blogging? Any tips on blogging?


  3. i laughed. and laughed. and laughed. y'all are just great.


  4. I am so honored you answered my question, and first too. I admit I need to be braver and just try things, that's what Glenn always tells me. I do google things, but I am more hands on and like to be shown step by step. Let's be honest, I am just hoping I win the blog re-design.

  5. I love this... :D "And you were wearing a skirt!" Thanks Luke! hehe!

    So...I have a really random question that I thought of while cooking...

    "What is your favorite BBQ meal to cook, or eat?" :D

    Love you! :) xoxo


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