Feb 17, 2012

AtE: Episode 3

Hey all! We apologize for the video going up a bit late. We had an interesting question to discuss in this episode...

Continue to leave questions and subject matter!

happy weekend!


  1. All things being equal, and to preserve fairness in the universe, I think the next Vlog question to answer should be " What kind of things would Luke look for in a girl before considering a relationship with/marrying her (that is, assuming he isn't contractually obligated to remain single) and what kind of things would Linz require before she put her "stamp of approval" on afore mentioned girl?"

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  3. Why have I been making so many typos!? Ahem... as I was saying... this was super funny! And I totally agree with Josh that you should be fair and give us the other side. :) ("Contractually obligated" - bahaha!) I love you guys.

  4. When it first started and y'all were reading that person's comment, I was thinking: "Awk-ward." haha.

    Have fun turning the house upside down, Luke. ;)


  5. oh and Lidnzey! I love your t-shirt! :)

  6. Hello.
    Yes, I'm sorry. Very strange question. No, not spam. It just seemed like you guys needed a question to vlog about. That was all the purpose to the question. Good luck moving!

  7. Well I can't wait until your next vlog. Now it's Luke's turn. :D

  8. Question 1) Luke what kind of prep work do you to to your hair before you do the vlog? It looks nice. nice hat in the first video btw.

  9. Okay, got some kind of off topic questions. Linz... I know you are great about drinking lots of water and exercising. How do you motivate yourself to drink more water, (like I should be doing) and workout ?

    Also, Have you ever measured your hair or flat ironed it?


    What is the best shot (with a gun on an animal) you have ever made?

    What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten, and what did it taste like ?

  10. That was quite entertaining Luke and Linz. I was laughing out loud! Bwahaha! I love the idea of Luke going next...contracutally obligated...hee hee...You guys are sooo funny!

    Love you both!


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